Atrium Pastry

  • Our own production
  • Long experience
  • Original recipes
  • Wedding cakes
  • Cakes for special occasions
  • Wedding cookies and Candy table


Atrium sweets are product of long years experience in confectioneries and immeasurable care and love inwrought in every single order, no matter if the word is about weddiing, birthday or cake for some other special occasion.

Our own production

Always fresh and carefully selected ingredients are integral part of our recognizable cakes and sweets. With huge enthusiasm and desire for constant improvement, we are trying to be afoot with new trends in confectioneries.

Wedding cakes and cookies

When making wedding cakes we take care of groceries of top quality and all smallest details. In conversation with newlyweds we define the number of the wedding guests, the tastes and dimension of the cake, and its special decorative elements and final appearance. Wedding cookies, Candy Table and other numerous delicacies makes the part of our confectionery offer.

Birthday cakes and sweets for various occasions

We produce cakes for various occasions: birthdays, baptisms, communions, anniversaries and other special events. If you want to surprise your dear person with cake on its favorite cartoon character or in agreement with our creative team design a cake that will leave him/her breathless, you are on the right place!